Black Widow Head Sculpt Feedback required, and also new ideas!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Some fans dig the Black Widow headsculpt and of course, some don't. We've compiled some feedback, made some edits and would like to hear from you guys how we can improve.

  • To look straight on or to the side? (So far majority prefers the right image below)
  • Do we resculpt for the face shape to wider and less 'anime/cartoon' looking? (Hmm this is a tough one. If we stick to Artgerm's style, it is somewhat more anime looking than realistic... we're thinking of long hair version to stay closer to Artgerm style and perhaps the short hair to look more realistic.


As always, your feedback matters so keep em coming! To make emailing us on this earlier, just email or directly!


Blackwidow Comparison


The more we looked at the back of Black Widow, the more we felt it was a pity to 'hide' it with a pillar of wall behind so we did up AN ADDITIONAL backdrop which is a stump allowing Black Widow to rest her feet on and yet still show off the back (and curves)! Many fans also asked if we can start putting 'lighted' features so we are now looking at making the lamp light up! Check out the test in progress, it looks promising but we need to get clearance from Marvel if we are allowed to do that though.


Blackwidow Lighted