Change in Pre order Priority and Process

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Dear All,


We have revised our Pre order process. Starting from 2nd Oct 2014, XM Studios will no longer be sending out email notifications to inform members of early priority pre orders.


Prestige Members (those who have registered more than 4 items on our portal) can now pre order ANY of our announced lists of products AT ANY TIME (Deposits are still required to confirm orders). There is no need to wait for a PO date - Prestige Members can PO any of our line ups right now, tomorrow or next week, the choice is now yours without having to wait for any PO dates. This is our way of saying thanks to our Prestige Members and giving them the Prestige treatment!


If you are not a Prestige Member (E.g. you're just on our mailing list), the process STAYS THE SAME - once PO is opened/announced, you can log on to our website or contact your nearest distributor to PO.


For more details on Members, please visit /membership-registration.aspx


Thank you,


XM Studios