Collection Process and Policies update

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

With effect from 11th Feb 2015, XM Studios will no longer offer delivery services to Singapore customers for direct website orders. This change is because we are implementing a more secure collection process and also for all customers to check and accept the products at our Studios or Warehouse before leaving with their purchase. This will help to prevent return of products due to delivery issues, damage and ensure customers bring home a truly satisfied product.


As we produce our products in batches, kindly wait patiently and when your batch arrives, XM Studios will call you to arrange for date and time of pick up.


In addition, when you collect your products, XM Studios will require proof of identification via the phone number or identification number on the receipt. In order to protect our customers, we will not entertain collections without receipts or proof of identity. We have encountered customers who have lost receipts before and would like to protect their products from being collected by others.


For any enquiries on this matter, please email