NOTICE: Silver Coins to be discontinued after Thor Statue.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Dear All,


There have been various discussions on forums and our facebook that Silver Coins have become akin to "exclusives". i.e. Collectors treat statues that come with coins more "exclusive" than those that come without. In some cases, some collectors who do not have the coins feel they have an 'incomplete' product.


This is far from our original intentions with the coins. The silver coins were originally given away for early pre-orders as incentives to early birds who purchased from us. These coins are purely promotional in nature, a marketing giveaway if you will. 


After much deliberation and reviewing of the community feedback, we have decided to do away with the coins. Thor will be the last statue that comes with coins. Now EVERYONE will now have the 'same' statues (no coins!). No more stressing about whether you are rushed or pushed into buying something quickly or having to curry favors with resellers just to get those coins. In short, no more disappointments!


But wait! This doesn't mean we are going to short change our collectors! No way jose! We will think of replacing the coins with something else (Dr TPH is still mulling over this) but more importantly, they will come with EVERY statue so EVERYONE gets to enjoy these little bonus gifts.


No one will be left out, no exclusives or different statues that one collector has over another - and that's the way we've always imagined things to be.


Thank you,


XM Studios