Shipping & PO Dates

Last Updated Thursday, 29 Dec, 2016


Fellow collectors, XM Studios will now plan our POs in Quarters; Q1 (Jan to Mar), Q2 (Apr to Jun), Q3 (Jul to Sept) and Q4 (Oct to Dec). Depending on factors such as time of receipt of printed pieces from factories and community feedback which may result in rework etc, we will now only announce actual PO date 2 weeks in advance when we are very sure. This is to avoid changing the PO dates frequently which we understand can be an inconvenience.

NOTE: Our POs dates are based on SINGAPORE TIMEZONE at approximately 12 midnight.


 Thanos  Closed  All batches shipped
 Iron Man: Mark VII  Closed  All batches shipped
 Ms. Marvel  Closed  All batches shipped
 Thor  Closed  All batches shipped
 She Hulk  Closed  All batches shipped
 Black Bolt  Closed  All batches shipped
 Daredevil  Closed  All batches shipped
 Doctor Strange  Closed  All batches shipped
 Medusa  Closed  All batches shipped
 Elektra  Closed  Q2 2017
 Kraven  Closed  All batches shipped
 Mysterio  Closed  Q4 2016
 Witch Blade  Closed  Q2 2017
 Batman  Closed  Q3 2016
 Sandman  Closed  All batches shipped
 (Invincible) 天下無敌  Closed  Q1 2017
 Ghost Rider  Closed  Q4 2016
 Darkness  Closed  Q4 2016
 Boba Fett  Closed  Q2 2017
 (Shibumi) 火云邪神  29 Dec 2016  Q1 2017
 Namor  TBC  Q2 2017
 Vulture  Closed  Q1 2017
 Electro  Closed  Q1 2017
 Punisher  Closed  Q1 2017
 Magdalena  TBC  Q3 2017
 Black Panther  Closed  Q1 2017
 Catwoman  TBC  Q3 2017


Keep watching this space - we will try to stick to this schedule as much as we can but some times, we may get orders from above to change certain roll out timing.