The XM-Alliance Project 2014 - DOCTOR STRANGE SUBMISSIONS!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

To all our fellow collector friends:


It's been a long wait but we have finally sifted through the many submissions - to all those who have submitted, we thank you for your passion and contribution!

Before we go into the entries, here are a couple of disclaimers and instructions on how to vote for your favorite concepts:

  1. In this page below, we will display all the Entries, the identity of the submitters will be kept anonymous so we will simply name the Entries by Entry numbers. E.g. Doctor Strange: Entry 1, She-Hulk: Entry 1 etc. Some files are huge so please be patient as it may take awhile to load. Entries WILL NOT BE IN COMPLETE ORDER, for example, you willl see She-Hulk: Entry 1 and Entry 4 but not necessarily Entry 2 and 3. This does not mean entries are missing, the entry numbers are grouped by individual submitters and they may only choose to enter certain characters (not all 3), hence there will be gaps in the Entry numbers.

  2. We will be creating 3 different Polls for each of the characters (She-Hulk, Doctor Strange and Black Bolt) on You can vote for your favorite designs - we are excited to see what you folks like as well!

  3. If you have submitted but do not see your submissions here, it means either you've gone past the deadline, or that our judges have decided that your submissions are too similar or vauge to make the cut. Our decicisions are final (so please do not email us asking for reasons) nevertheless we still thank you for your efforts!

  4. Our Judges will review the polls and REVEAL their CHOSEN design for each of the characters in the FIRST WEEK of NOVEMBER 2014. The Winners will be announced on our website, Facebook and statueforum. Remember, the final decision lies with our Judges as they need to factor in practicality, stability and packing production costs so they may not necessarily go with the most voted. XM Studios also reserves to right to amend and tweak the designs so the final produced Statue may still differ from the winning design.

Again, we want to thank everyone who joined in the fun and let the discussion and choosing begin!!!


 Entry2 Doc


Entry4 Doc


 Entry7 Doc

 Entry9 Doc


 Entry13 Doc


 Entry14 Doc


 Entry15 Doc


 Entry16 Doc



 Entry18 Doc

  Entry19 Doc


 Entry20 Doc


 Entry21 Doc


Entry22 Doc